Amma Massage

The Amma massage (Amma meaning massage in Japanese) is practiced dressed and without oil on an ergonomic chair specially designed for.

It is the perfect massage for relaxation and a revival of tone in record time. It’s a mixture of several techniques that use energy pressure points on the body, arms, hands… In addition to being stimulating, it allows to achieve a deep state of relaxation and inner well-being.

Often acclaimed by professions where the body suffers from sitting too much, or standing too much or lifting weights or people, it is perfect for morning divestments in companies (see the “Business” section).

Do not hesitate to follow me in the section “Events” (to come) or on Facebook because it is a massage that allows me to be nomadic (Camping, beach of the lake, convention tatoo or well-being…) and gives me the opportunity to meet you outdoors.